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MOD 939


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


10 min. Quickie Warm-up (No Measure)

Individual Warm Up (No Measure)

10 min to quickly Work up to heavy Cleans and Snatches.

Prepare for the WOD!


All sets must be completed unbroken without dropping or letting go of the bar.

Still go heavy, if it doesn´t scare you it´s not heavy enough!

Use only 1 Bar.

Find a team that matches in strength.

Metcon (Time)

0 – 10 min.

4 x 6 unbroken Power Cleans 75/52,5//61/40kg

rest as little as possible between sets.

Rx+: 90/62,5

Scale weights as needed
This can be done in teams of 2 or even 3 athletes.

e.g.: Athlete 1 starts at 00:00, Athlete 2 at 00:30 and athlete 3 at 1:00.

Simply subtract the elapsed time

Metcon (Time)

10- 18 min.

3 x 9 unbroken Hang Power Snatches 50/35//42,5/20kg

rest as little as possible between sets.

Rx+: 61/42,5kg

Scale weights as needed.

18 – 20 set up the bar for the following.

Metcon (Time)

20 – 30 min.

For Time in teams of 3:

30/21 Cal. Row for each member.

60 Hang Power Clean 75/52,5//61/40kg

only 1 athlete working at a time.

Rx+: 90/62,5kg

Scale weights as needed.
Score: time or cap. + 1 sec. for each missed Rep.

No Drops. Control your load up and down. A Drop is penalized by 10 Burpees for the whole team!

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