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MOD 922


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


15 Min Trainer Warm Up (No Measure)


Shoulder Press (10-8-6-4-2 climbing)

This is a strict shoulder Press. Pure upper body strength, No bend in your knees at all times!

Use Racks if needed, work in teams!

(15 min.)


Metcon (Time)

4 RFT:

21/17 Cal. Row

15 Burpees on a plate (15kg)

9 Jerks, 61/42,5//50/25kg

Scale weights as needed.

Rx+: 70/50kg

Time Cap: 20 min.
If class is crowded, find a skilled Partner and lead him through this WOD.

Partner A starts on the rower, as soon as A gets off the rower, B will start his WOD. (subtract elapsed time form your score!)

Assault Bike Optional.

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