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MOD 758


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


15 Min Trainer Warm Up (No Measure)


Walk trough Motion (No Measure)

10 min.

Metcon (No Measure)

„CrossFit meets Strongman“

with a partner complete as many reps as possible.

2 Rounds

2 min. per station of:

– Rope climbs

– Prowler Push ahap

– Farmer´s carry 32/24kg KB

– L- Sit

– Deadlift 100/70//70/45kg

– Recover and get ready for round 2.

(22 min. session.)

Rope climbs are set up on Muscle Up Spots. From a seated position climb up the rope. Competition legless! (2 Ropes available). If you can´t do a Rope climb, climb lateral, hanging on the pull up bars (2 bars from left to right) like a monkey. Your partner may assist you.

Prowler Push ahap. (Rx: 100/70kg)

Your choice of weight. (3 Prowlers available.) Outside the gym shuttle for 10 yards back and forth.

Farmer´s carry one KB in each hand. Shuttle 10 yards back and forth.

L-Sit on the rings. Spend as much time on the rings within these 2 minutes.

Deadlift: Scale weights as needed. Keep the bar moving touch and go. Ladies take a shoat on „Igor“ (50kg KB).

Most of all have fun moving!

You got 2 healthy arms and legs so you are capable of almost anything ; )

Coaches divide group on stations properly.

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