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Warm-up (No Measure)

30 Min. WOD Prep.

Start the session with a fun Warm Up Game.

Get sweaty & flexible

Walk Through Ring Muscle Up Progressions!

From the floor:

Pull- Transition-Dip


->on the rings


If you have Ring Muscle Ups take them, even if you go 1 by 1.

Yes you will run a lot ; )

If class is crowded make up 2 heats. Heat 2 starts 90 seconds after heat 1. Then they will share rings as needed.

1: Metcon (Time)


For time:

400-meter run

18 Ring muscle-ups

400-meter run

15 Ring muscle-ups

400-meter run

12 Ring muscle-ups

Each time the athlete breaks a set of muscle-ups they must run a 155-meter lap.

Time Cap: 18 minutes
Scale Ring Muscle Ups to most difficult Ring Muscle Up progression!

No Bar Muscle Ups in this session!

Score: time or add 1 second per missing Muscle up to the Time Cap.

Lifting Weights

Pull Cycle 1/3

15 min. general Warm Up

12 min. specific Warm Up

1: Deadlift (7 x 5)

@70-80% of 1 RM Deadlift

Every 3 min.

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