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Warm-up (No Measure)

15 Min. Trainer´s choice.

Barbell Cycling

1: Metcon (Weight)

Build up to a heavy

3 Power cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Jerks

(has to be unbroken)

15 Min.
5 attempts:

Take 1 attempt every 3:00min.


2: “WRESTLE MANIA” (Weight)

OTM x 20

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Jerks

Rx: 60% of 1RM CJ

You got 3 chips for time outs. A timeout gets you one minute of rest. Use them only if needed ; )

Rx+: 83,5/61kg
Reps must not be unbroken.

You chose the weight! (You should have a good impression from session 1.)

Choose a managaeble weight that let´s you move through those 20 Rounds.

However, you got 3 time outs if you need them.

For each time out you take you´ll do 15 Burpees after class.

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