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Warm-up (No Measure)

15 min. trainer´s choice.


1: Clean and Jerk (10 x 1 Clean & Jerk on the 90´s climbing.)

Build up to a heavy/max Clean & Jerk every 90 seconds over 10 Rounds.

Work in teams.


2: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks 80/55kg

On the Minute: 5 C2B

Time Cap: 20 min.
Use roughly 80% of Part 1.

Scale Reps of C2B to a manageable number. (Minimum of 3)


1: Box Squat (5 x 8* every 3 min.)

Use banded weights. 60% Bumpers 40% banded.

After each set perform superfast 20 Air Squats!

Set the box at parallel.

30 min. session.

2: BAMBOO BENCH PRESS (5 x 8* across. every 3 min.)

60% bumper weight

40% banded weight
after each set go for max Push Ups.

30 min. session.


20 min. Warm-Up (Bike EMOM for 9 minutes and Mobility Work)

Pull Ups /Kipping /Butterfly

15 Minutes to work on Pull Up technique

Focus on a excellent hollow/arch

Gymnastic Strength

E2MOM for 12 Minutes

Odd: max strict Ring Dips

Even: max strict Pull Ups
Find your hardest progression to get at least 5 reps each set

Core Strength


Odd: Abdominals

Even: Spinal erector chain
Find suitable progressions to go through this.

Utilise GHDs, Abmats or a Rig-Spot for dynamic movements or Hollow/Superman as static holds!

Athletes choice!

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