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Warm-up (No Measure)

25 Min. Warm up

Get sweaty and flexible.

Walk through movements and warm up to workout weights.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

In Teams of 2:

40 Deadlifts 100/70//70/45kg

Run 400m

40 KB Swings 32/24//24/16kg

Run 400m

40 C2B/Pull Ups

Run 400m

40 Partner Burpees *

Run 400m

40 KB alt. Lunge steps (1 Kb Front racked 32/24//24/16kg)

Run 400m

40 Partner Wall Balls**

Run 400m

Time Cap.:30 min.
* Partner Burpees

1 Partner holds plank, the other Partner gets underneath and jumps over his partner.

**Partners stand side to side and toss the wall ball to the target . Partner 2 catches the WallBall from partner 1 and so on.

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