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Metcon (Time)



ROW 2.5K//2K

5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups

12 Thrusters

250 Double Unders//125 Dubs or 250 Singles

4 Rounds

20 Toes To Bar//Knee Raise

12 Clean & Jerk

RUN 2.5K (ACADEMY MILE roughly 1.25 km teamrun)

3 Rounds

20 C2B

12 Snatches

250 m Buddy Carry

Time Cap: No

Target Time: > 60 minutes

Weights: 50/35//40/25kg

Scale weights and reps. as needed. Same weight for all lifts!
On May 2nd (02.05.2012) CrossFit Salzburg was born. These Numbers will call our rep. schemes to our anniversary Wod.

All reps. are performed as a team effort of 2 or 3 athletes. Share reps as you like.

We will start with a 2.5 K ??‍♂️

When introducing our first tryout Wod back in 2012 I pretentious proclaimed that our goal it is to become the very best GYM in the world. We quickly recognized that this was sheer bullshit and our mission was way bigger than to fullfil ones ego. We had the chance to change Fitness in Salzburg from now on. Until today we helped establish 5 CrossFit affiliates in Salzburg. All of these affiliates have their origin with us. That mission seems to be successful.

Therefore we will do 5 Rounds of a traditional CrossFit Couplet of 20 pull ups and 12 thrusters representing the year 2012.

2.5 becomes 250 for the Double Unders since we are never afraid of changing easy into scary?

We go on with 4 rounds, representing our founding year Coaches Anita,Bekki,Clemens and myself, of ttb and clean & jerks. Thank you so much guys for helping start something very special.

Next we make use of our legs on a 2.5k teamrun. (1.25 for each member)

As CrossFit Salzburg athletes we are always willed to go the extra mile so the academy mile might actually be longer.? Nevermind.

Finally we will move on to our final couplet 3 Rounds of C2B and snatches. 3 totals the number 12. (5+4+3=12)

Finish strong as a team represents our mentality.

What better chance of backing up words with action as to finish this Wod with a 250m buddy carry.

Enjoy ✅

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