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Warm-up (No Measure)

25 min Warm up.

get sweaty and flexible

Muscle Ups progressions

Hspu progressions

1 arm Snatches


Metcon (Time)


10 rounds of:

4 strict Muscle Ups

7 strict HSPU

12 KB Snatches 32/24//24/16kg

Time Cap: 20 min.
Well this might look scary still we want you to perform out of the box in this session.

Scale reps and go strict and heavy if possible. E.g.: 1 Strict Muscle Ups, 3 strict Hspu, 6 Kb Snatches.

If strict is not your right choice here go for kipping movements and scale reps as needed.

Movement Scaling:

Muscle Ups … Banded Muscle.

HSPU… at most difficult progression down to regular Push Ups.

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