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CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs

1: Snatch (2×2@80% 3×1@85% 3×1@ 90%)

Warm Up to your 80% Snatch (10 min.)

Then every 2 min. working sets of:

2×2 @ 80%

3×1 @ 85%

3×1 @ 90%

If you do not know your max Snatch work up to a heavy weight and add weights like the scheme above.

A Power Snatch + OHS is fine.

You get plenty of rest. Solid technique. No misses!

Work in teams.

(26 min. session)

2: Floating Snatch High Pulls (6 x 4 @ 90%)

This variation starts 2 inch off the floor and only ever return to this position, keeping the tension throughout the working sets.
Immediately after your final snatch work on this session.

All working sets with your final snatch weight.

Perform one set every 1:30 min.

(9 min.)

3: Metcon (Time)

Unbroken Double Unders:


If you break a set start that set again.

Time Cap: 8 min.

Choose a number of Dubs and hit it EMOM x 8.

e.g.: 5-10 Dubs. EMOM x 8.

If you do not have Dubs yet do the same scheme with single unders.

e.g.: 30-50 Singles EMOM x 8.

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