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MOD 1157


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Metcon (No Measure)

4 Stations

within a 1 minute window complete the following rotating through stations with 30 sec. Rest in between.

5 Rounds:

1.: Ring Dips 10-20

2.: weighted Step Ups 10 each leg

3.: DB Bench Press 10-15

4.: KB Single Leg Deadlifts 8-12 each leg
30 min. session

This strength session is not for time, although you get a 1 minute window to complete each task. Rotate through stations with a 30 sec. Rest period after each station.

Ring Dips.: @ most difficult progression, strict all the way to jump to support.

Step Ups: Bear Hug a plate and complete 10 right and 10 left.

DB Bench press: Go heavy

4.: KB Single Leg Deadlift ahap. 8-12 right then 8-12 left.

10-20… 10 minimum work requirement 20 max. If you can do more than 20 use a morde difficult progression. If you can´t do 10 use an easier progression…

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