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MOD 1151


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs

1: Metcon (No Measure)

Core Strength:

3 Rounds of:

30 sec. D-Ball Hold heavy

30 sec. rest

30 sec. L-Sit

30 sec.Rest
D-Ball Hold sub by KB or DB Front Racked Hold.

L-Sit on Rings or Support hold on Rings.

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams of 2:

20 minute AMRAP

10 Thrusters 40/30kg

15/12 Cal row

10 Burpees over the bar

15 Kettle-bell swings 24/16kg

Only one athlete works at a time

(You go i go, WOD by CFM)
Scale as needed.

You Go I Go … A: 10 Thrusters, B: 10 Thrusters, A: Row, B: Row, A: Burpees, B: Burpees…

ACD Athletes use Axle Bar.

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