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MOD 1117


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


15 Min Warm Up Trainer’s Choice (No Measure)

0 – 7

Row 150m

20 walking Lunges

20 Back Extension

8 – 15

Couch Stretch


Calf Stretch

PVC Dislock + Squat Hold


Metcon (Weight)

Warm Up, climbing Overhead Squat triples then Front Squat triples then Back squat triples from the ground!


1 Giant Set of:

10 Back Squats

directly into

10 Front Squats – 30%

directly into

10 Overhead Squats – 30%

work in teams!

(25 min. session)

Warm up, climbing OHS Triples (6min.)then Front Squat Triples (6min.)then Back Squat Triples (6min). Bar is taken from the ground!

Choose a starting weight for 10 Back Squats (around 60%-80% of 1RM).

After the 10 Back Squats take off 30%

and immediately go for 10 Front Squats.

After 10 Front Squats take off another 30% and immediately go for 10 Overhead Squats.

e.g.: If you start with 100kg Back Squats -> 70 kg Front Squats-> 50kg Overhead Squats.

If you are not familiar with your max. weights choose a challenging weight for the squats.

Score is total weights.

e.g.: 100+70+50kg = Total 220kg


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 9 min. of:

20 Deficit Push Ups 20/15kg Platte

20 Pull Ups

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