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MOD 1058


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


15 Min Warm Up Trainer’s Choice (No Measure)

0 – 7

Run 200m

30 sec Kipping on Rig

8 – 15

Calf Stretch


Tip Toes

Spider Walk



Complete the couplet for time (note your time) then go directly into Flight Back for time. Note your time and subtract the couplet time.

Score1: Part A Couplet

Score2: Part B Double Unders

The couplet is capped @ 15 min. If you haven´t finished inside the time cap start the Double Unders immediately after the time cap expired.

Metcon (Time)

With a running clock…

Part A:

For time:


Back Squats 85/55//60/40kg


(Time Cap: 15 min.)

directly into Part B (Flight Back or 100 Double Unders) for time.

Scale weights as needed.
quickly warm up to a heavy back squat from the floor 0-10min.

Cannot Drop the Bar! Control your load. 10 Burpee penalty immediately when the bar is dropped.

No Racks!


Part B:

choose either one.

„Flight Back“ (Time)

„Flight Back“

50 unbroken double unders

45 unbroken double unders

40 unbroken double unders

35 unbroken double unders

30 unbroken double unders

25 unbroken double unders

20 unbroken double unders

15 unbroken double unders

10 unbroken double unders

5 unbroken double unders
Time Cap: 12 min.

100 Double Unders for time (Time)

100 Double Unders for time
Time Cap: 12 min.

Give it a try even if you take1 by 1!

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