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MOD 1038


CrossFit Salzburg – Kurs


15 Min Warm Up Trainer’s Choice (No Measure)

0 – 7

Row 200m

15 Back Extension on Floor

15 sit-up

15 Air Squat

8 – 15

Tip Toes

Spider Walk

Good Morning

Couch Stretch


Deadlift (15 min. To establish a new PR.)


Metcon (Weight)

within a 2 min. window at each station complete the following for a total of 3 Rounds.

Station 1: 30/25//25/17 Cal. Row.

Station 2: 40 weighted Situps Medball 20/14lbs.

Station 3: 7 Unbroken Deadlifts @ 70% of todays PR.
Description: You got 2 min. to complete 30/25 Cal Row. (rest the remaining time.) Next you work on your 40 MB Sit ups at station 2, again within that 2 min window.(rest remaining time). At last you take 7 unbroken Deadlifts at 70% of your PR inside that 2 min. window.

Goal: Complete each task as fast as possible inside the 2 minute window for all 3 rounds.

Score is weight.

Hit Rx button only if you get the row and sit-ups done for all rounds.

Look for partners of same strength level at deadlift station.

If class is packed, send in athletes after another, always starting with the row!

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