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30.12.2013 3D GYM MOD432


Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Walk through S.O.P.

Conditioning CFKP WOD (40min.)

In Teams of 2 each Station 2 Minutes for max. Reps. 3 Rounds

– AirSquats
– DUBS/Singles
– KBS 32/24kg Full American Swing
– Row for Cal.

SCORE: Reps. At each Station. There is a 30 sec. Transition Time between Stations. Only one Athlete working at a Time. Athletes may Switch as Often as they want to. Make sure you leave it all at each Station.

After a Total 12 Hours flight YOUR Body asks for Nothing else but movement. First Stop CrossFit Kingspoint. Rudi, Coach Mike and Andi;


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