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30.09.2013 3D GYM MOD371


Final Week „NO EXCUSES PALEO CHALLENGE“ Proud of you guys haven´t heard any excuses yet. Finish Strong!

Announcement: Measurements for Results, plus Picture this Saturday 05.10.2013 in the Gym, starting 11:00h-12:30h. Can´t wait to see great results!

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

1. Strength/Conditioning: 3:24 min.

-DEATH BY FLOWERS  aka „Bring Sally up“ 50/35kg, scale as needed (Games Athletes 60/42,5kg)

Stretch´em out and Walk through S.O.P. 5 Min.


2. Station Work: 4 Min. ME UB REPS :30sec Rest.

-ROW Row 1k for time. Time Cap 4 Min. If you finish early you get extra Rest, you will need it ; ) 

-WALLBALLS 10/6 (finally no more „No Reps.“ You will love our new WB Targets, Thanks Tom for customizing them!) 



Score: Reps of each Station. Get AMRAP Unbroken Reps once you Stop Watch the Clock and Resz exactly 30sec. before you start your next Set for Unbroken Reps. This goes on 4 Minutes at each Station. Except on the Row, Row 1k AFAP with a 4 Min. TimeCap. Rest 3 Min. after each Station.





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