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Now everybody read this letter please and post it through the social web. This letter is live changing. This makes your flesh crawl.
Holy Shit, Christina „you put it in a nutshell“! Thank YOU!

 by Christina Curfman, Member of CrossFit Salzburg

Christina asked me to give it a title. This is what I came up with:


 by Christina Curfman, Member of CrossFit Salzburg.

I wanted to take the time to just say thank you. To me, Cross Fit is not just a workout, it’s so much more.
About the same time I started with Cross Fit, I was watching a TV show called „I used to be fat“ on It’s basically about obese teenagers getting a personal trainer for one entire summer to help them with working out, eating healthy and losing weight. Sounds fair enough, doesn’t it. What fascinated me about it was the impact their attitude had on the whole scenario. There were teenagers with amazingly supportive families and a generally good self-image that were dropping pounds faster than anyone would’ve expected. And then there were teenagers that had to struggle. They either lacked support from their loved ones or they lacked trust in themselves because they had just never experienced being good at something. Sometimes they were even being shot down on a constant basis by their families about not doing well enough, almost even ridiculed for getting up and trying. Anyway, it never failed, they hardly lost any weight. Now how does that make sense though? Isn’t it like chemistry? Calorie intake, calories burnt (They usually worked out 6-8hours a day), how is it even earthly possible not to lose weight? Especially when others with the same food and workout regimen did. It shocked me to realize just how powerful the mind is, just how capable it is to hold one back. Thinking you can’t do something, thinking others believe you can’t do something, makes it come true. The way you treat yourself makes all the difference.
And this is where you guys come into play. Cross Fit is a pretty alluring thing, it’s everybody training together, it’s very tempting to always compare oneself to everyone else and to feel like one is in constant competition. With people like me, self-confidence is not a given. Going balls to the wall and drawing from every ounce of strength we have is quite scary, we’re so used to coming in last and failure is such an overwhelmingly paralyzing idea. It’s this voice in our heads saying, „Why try, you’ll fail, and even if you make it, everbody else will be better and you’ll be humiliated.“ (Yes, this story has a point, wait for it, it’s not going to get any more depressing.) But, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about with Cross Fit. If you only compare yourself to others, you’ll only ever manage to get as good as them, if at all. Now if you compete with yourself… there really is no limit. There can only be success, there can only be progress. No failures possible.
I came across this saying:
„Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.“
Every time somebody at the gym tells me that I’m doing good (Doesn’t even matter if they really mean it or if it’s just supposed to be a general encouragement), it startles me and I become aware of my negative mind holding me back. And I get a little more angry about it with every time. It’s difficult to get rid of, it’s not going change over night, it’s quite challenging figuring out a totally alien way of thinking, an entirely new perspective, a perspective where one doesn’t suck. But I’ll open up a little bit more with every workout. I might not be strong, I might not be skilled or talented or hell, I might not even be any good at all ever, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll become so much more strong in every way imaginable by just trying, by just walking the path. This is for me.

So yes, thank you to the entire team for letting me learn everyday, about so much more than lifting weights. 🙂

I can do anything I put my mind to if I really want it.

– Christina Curfman.

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