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29.07.2013 3 D GYM MOD417


So Many beautiful things are Happening to us here. Don’t know Where to Start. I‘ ll give it a try and break it all Down in Telegraph style. Did „Grace“ with Rob Orlando, Talked to KStarr, robbed Vendure villages Samples, Talked to Dan Tyminsky, Met Annie T., did another spectator Wod, on the Way Back Dennis tried a shortcut and ended up ghostdriving against a 4 lane One Way Street and Finally made it back on Track over roadbumpers which almost took Off his Car Bumpers… All in all we are all alive and Doing well so far…

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.
Walk through S.O.P. 10 Min.

Games Event9 CFSBG
100 SDLHP24/16kg Or Row 1000m Trainer’s Choice (Competitors got Prime selection)
5Rounds of
25 PullUps
7 Shoulders to Overhead 60/40kg scale as needed, NO DROPS ACCEPATBLE!!! If you can’t Control the weight on the Way Down it is simple too Heavy for you.
Score: Time, Time Cap 30 Min.

Dennis, Iceland Annie and Andi (I guess Dennis Fell in Love today),
„Grace“ with Rob O. Yes I Outlook him by size but he Outlifts me by 100lbs.

Pics in the Video, Not Included Dennis‘ Test Drive will be available on America’s Most wanted …

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