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28.07.2014 3D GYM MOD574


“REEBOK CROSSFIT GAMES 2014 in the Books”


Trainer Warm Up 10 Min.

Skill: 10 Min. Ring Dip Practise Up to a 1 RM. Use weights Or Bands. Work in Teams.

Part A: 12 Min. EMOM

ODD: 15/12 Cal. Row.

EVEN: 15/12 Ring Dips.

Rest ß1 Min. then

Part B: 12 Min. EMOM

ODD: 30* KB Swing 32/24kg//24/16kg

EVEN: Rest

*if you don’t Hit 30 Reps do 1 Burpee Penalty for every missed Rep. in the Rest Time.

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