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28.05.2013 3D GYM MOD374


Legs and lower back had some time to recover. today we most likely need them again…

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: Squat Medley BS-FS-OHS (20 Min.)

Competition: Warm up on Back Squats. Choose your weight for a 10 RM BackSquat. Ass to the Grass. These should be your lowest possible Squats. Rather drop in weight then giving up depth. …then drop the weight by 30 Percent and perform 10 Front squats, again Ass to the Grass. Drop another 30% off and perform 10 Overhead Squats. Rest as needed. This is not a 10RM Test. It´s a Skill Session for Efficiency. Work in teams.

Fitness: 10 excellent BackSquats then 10 excellent Front Squats followed by 10 excellent OHS. Rest as needed. Choose a medium weight.

then (Wod designed by Regional Athlete, Rob Martin, finished 8th in 2013 European Regionals.)

Competition: (Time Cap: 20 Min.)

40 Back squats 50/40kg
30 Pull ups
20 Push press 50/40kg
40 Front squats 40/30kg
30 Pull ups
20 Push press 40/30kg
40 Overhead squats 30/20kg
30 Pull ups
20 Push press 30/20kg

Male: Use 15, 10 and 5kg Bumpers. We might run short on Bumpers especially 5´s, so prepare to share between Rounds with Fitness Class.


30 Back squats 30/17kg
20 Pull ups
15 Push press 30/17kg
30 Front squats 25/12kg
20 Pull ups
15 Push press 25/12kg
30 Overhead squats 20/7kg
20 Pull ups
15 Push press 20/7kg

Rob on the 100´s at the 2013 Regionals.

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