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28.01.2013 3D GYM MOD293


Back from the LONDON THROWDOWN 2013.
Congrats to RUDI who represented our Box with an outstanding performance!
With a little more help from above he would have made the first cut.
He made the last Snatch @80kg but got no rep´d because of an “incomplete stands” as his judge called it.
If he had that one, he would have finished third in WOD 3 and easily moved on to the next round.
“Would have” does not count in CrossFit as in sports generally so, it is what it is.
I am very proud and thankful that Rudi qualified, competed and represented our young Box in this superb event.
Thank You Rudi we are proud of You and all the Supporters!

For us as Coaches it was a great Experience judging Europe`s best Athletes such as Samantha Briggs (3rd CrossFit Games) Andrea Ager, Katrin Davidstottir or Andy Edwards all CrossFit Games Athletes.
It inspires, watching Athlete´s simply move faster than one may think you can and move larger loads long distances quicker than ever seen before.
It unleashes the will to compete. If you´d ask me I would have torn my heart out to compete there.
As I said earlier, competing in the Sport of Fitness will boost your fitness like nothing else!
So take the chance whenever you can.
Next chance, Champions Day III Feb. 9th 2013!
Sign up in the Gym if you haven´t already. Again we want everybody to perform no matter how long you are into CrossFit and what Fitness Level you reached so far. I can promise that everybody can do the Workouts no matter what. Although competition means some kind of measurement you should only measure your improvements rather than beating someone else and the score will take care of itself.
Take this chance, it is an outstanding atmosphere, a unique experience for you as an Athletes of which you will only improve! Keep that in mind when making your decision whether to sign up! Thank YOU!
Coach Andi

The next 2 Weeks will be a little different in programming since we want you to be prepared best for Champions Day III !
By the way we will release the WODS Monday Feb. 4th.
Deadline for signing up this Saturday 02.Feb. If you are following this site but you are no member and want to compete, please do not hesitate to contact me, we might get you into competition if spots are available.

Now Let´s get back into Business:

Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: 3-3-3-3-3 Overhead Lunge (stationary, alternate left and right so it will be left, right, left, right, left ,right) 20 Min Time Cap.

Amrap 12 Min.
10 Stationary Alternating Overhead Lunge 50/30kg No Drops, Trainers Choice of weight for beginners!
10 Bent Over Barbell Rows
After each Round perform 5 Barbell Rollouts
Score: Rounds and Reps

Yes, you will feel your thighs and butts for the next 3 Days and Yes, this will make you efficient in the long term.

Cashout: 10 Min. Mobility and stretch out your legs!

London Videos still in progress, will be available soon.


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