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27.11.2014 3D GYM MOD661


Trainer warm up 15 min.

Skill: Clean Complex  1PowerClean+1FrontSquat+1Squat Clean. (10 Min.)

10 min to work up to 1 heavy and excellent complex. This is not a 1 RM Test. Focus on pulling yourself under the Bar.(remember Coach Burgener in the video)

WOD (20 Min.)

EMOM 4 Rounds

Min.1: 5-10 HSPU* / 10 HR Push Ups (knees cannot touch the ground).

Min.2: 5 TnG Squat Cleans 70/45//45/30kg.

Min.3: 3-5 Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups**/5-10 Strict Pull Ups.

Min.4: Max. Distance of 5m „Box Push Shuttles“*** 40/20kg//20/10kg

Min.5: Rest.

*Please use designated HSPU Spots only. Your choice of progression, kipping-strict- deficit .

**Bar Muscle Ups are acceptable.

***Put the rx´d weight(plates) on top of a box and push the box 5m forth, hustle on the other side and push it 5m back.(just like a prowler push) Use the artificial turf area. (6 spots).

Coaches divide athletes into 4-5 groups.Max. 6 athletes per at a station.)

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