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27.09.2013 3D GYM MOD370



CHAMPIONS DAY V is ahead of us. Sat. November 2nd at CFSBG. We now will retest some of the previous CDWODS, OPEN WODS, Q-WODS … which will serve to prepare you and see how you improved your Fitness. Also these WODS will serve as a Qualifier for CHAMPIONS DAY V to earn one of our BOX´ SPOTS. If you want to participate in CHAMP DAY V you need to participate in these WODS!!! HC ANDI

Gameday Warmup 10 Min.

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi Warmup

Gameday Intro feat. „The Black Pearl“

3-2-1-Load your Bar

„CDII FINAL WOD“ 1 year later (23.09.12)

* BUY IN 50 DUBS/scaled 100 SINGLES

Load your Bar

3 Rounds of

12 DL 100/60kg//scaled 80/60//50/37kg
12 Burpees

Deload to 60/40kg

3 Rounds of

9 Power Cleans 60/40kg//45/35//30/27kg
9 Burpees

Deload to 40/30kg

6 Shoulders to Overhead 40/30//30/25//20/17kg
6 Burpees

Score:Time, Time Cap: 12 Min. Do not drop the Bar!

*In 2012 NONE of our Competitors finished this WOD within the TimeCap! The best Athlete that day completed the first Round of Shoulders to Overhead… .So now one could argue that in CDII Athletes already went through 2 crushing WODS. OK, so we will add a 50 DUBS BUY IN, that would do fatigue and take away time. Let´s see what happens…

„SHOCKER OF THE WEEK“ In case you missed a very important scientific experts opinion…

Now here we go: (She wears Oly Lifters ; )

She ads a light Bar in an Overhead Position and gets her Hips excellently prepared for Labor and Delivery. To all you Scientists and Experts out there, CrossFit does the research by actually doing it not relying on someones opinion because of someones opinion… You guys do not even have to appreciate that! We appreciate your respect!

„QUOTE OF THE WEEK“ by Penny Kehoe, who kept CrossFitt´n until the very end of her pregnancy… I asked her about her opinion on this. For me she is the true Expert because she simply did it… not talked about it.

“ Haters gonna hate… You go girl, I say…“ Penny Kehoe

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