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27.05.2013 3D GYM MOD373


Surprisingly all shins styed save, still Reg. Event 5 kicked the S#%t out of us. If your strength numbers aren´t there yet and you had to scale it don´t be frustrated. This is for the fittest of the fittest.

As a matter of fact only 1 percent of all competing CrossFitters make it there and from there only 5% make it to the Games. However doing a Reg. Wod is a worthy experience for all of us. It definitely takes you out of your CrossFit Comfort Zone and it takes you back to CrossFit´s DNA. And that´s exactly what makes you better as an athlete.

Remember these athlete´s don´t get fresh into this Wods, respectively they had been doing the 100´s Wod4 early that same day not to mention day 1. According to me after lifting the 142,5kgs accompanied by 30″ Jumps, 21-15-9, I could barely walk the next day.

So it´s all about increasing work capacity across broad times and modal domains by developing efficient mechanics, brought into consistency to increase intensity. So here we go… Champ. Prep. Week 2

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: Efficiency Movement Prep. for 10 Min. Work in Teams.


5 Stations 3 Rounds for max. Reps. 1Min Work : 1Min. Rest


-PISTOLS alternating

-KB SWINGS 24/16kg

-BEAR WALK 10m Shuttle


Score. Reps

Scale Movements as needed:

Handstand Walk->Wall Walk-> Stationary Tip Toes

Pistols-> Supine Pistols

Fridays Gameday 5:30pm

CFSBG Gameday Class 5:30pm

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