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27.01.2014 3D GYM MOD450


PALEO CHALLENGE VI „All You Need Is Less“ sells out quick.
(Half the Spots are gone. Sign up on the Gym Board.)

30 Days of less trash for high quality = measurable results.
Oli. W. CFSBG Member, did it! You can do it, too!

Oli on Day 1:

Oli W. Day 1

Oli W. Day 1

Oli on Day 30. measurable,observable results (- 3,7% Bodyfat, -4,5cm scope)

Oli W. Day 30

Oli W. Day 30

Warmup (10 Min.)

L.O.G. of

-Tip Toes 2fer1
30 Jumping Jacks

-Spider Walk 2fer1
30 Jumping Jacks

-Flamingo Stretch 2fer1 (Quad Stretch)
30 Jumping Jacks
(2fer1 means: do 2 Reps before stepping forward to switch sides)

then SKILL

4 Rounds of: (4 Min.)
ChinUp Hold 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
Superman Rocks 20 sec.
Rest 10 sec.

then Walk through S.O.P. (10 Min.)

WOD: 3 Rounds of 1 min.Work 30sec.Rest (24 Min.)

-Overhead Lunges 20/10kg Plate (stationary)
-SDLHP 32/24kg
-Box Jump Overs
-PushUps HR

Score: Total Reps. Scale movements and weights as needed.

Gameday @ CFSBG: Randy followed by Death on Burpees.

Specialty Courses coming up this February:

08.02. Double Unders

22.02. PullUps

All Courses are hosted by our Competition Proved Coach „BEKKS“. Sign up on the Gym Board.



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