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26.03.2013 3D GYM MOD333


Trainer Warmup 10 Min


3 Rounds of: (Time Cap 15 Min.)
10 RM Push Press
after each Round, Broad Jump L.O.G. for Lowest Attempts!

Score: Weight/Jumps

then Conditioning  (Go f*#$ some Hamstrings)

1 Min. ME of DEADLIFTS 100/60kg

Rest 1 Min.

Tabata Box Jumps 20″ (8×20:10) Games Standard.

Rest 3 Min.

1Min. ME of KB SWINGS 24/16kg

Tabata Box Jumps 20″ (8×20:10)

Score: Reps: DL/BJ lowest Interval, SWINGS/BJ lowest Interval

Scale weight and height as needed. Make every Rep. count. You should be flying up the Box after the DL and Swings ; )

Open Journal Austria: 3 Workouts down and we customized a leaderboard for Austria, Male and Female. See the fittest of Austria after 3 WODS. 2 still to come, so stay focused!

Leaderboard Austria Male

Leaderboard Austria Female

Watch Sam Briggs recording 323 Reps on 13.3! World Record! All doubters here is evidence! Awesome Sam!


Love this comment on Youtube:

pjyast 3 hours ago

The Chicago Bears need a new middle linebacker, if she is interested.


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