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25.10.2013 3D GYM MOD389


Saturday 26.10.2013 Holiday in Austria, Gym is closed. Enjoy yourself, hang out with your family do some recreational work. Run, Ride a bike, hike or do whatever makes you happy besides coming to the Gym.


Gameday Warmup

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi Warmup.

Gameday Huddle Feat. „the Black Pearl“

3-2-1-Lift up Luke

„Lift up Luke“

AMRAP 5 Min.:
4 Power Cleans, 70kg/47,5kg
24 Double unders
10 Pull ups

Score: Reps. Don´t even think about dropping the bar. It´s a no rep and you will get kicked in your nu…

Yes only 5 Minutes ; ) give it all you got, just like your new wristband tells you. Move like a ninja and clean like a beast,  there will be nothing left in your tank after those 5 minutes!!! .

„SHOCKER OF THE WEEK“ Yes she is human. Chrissy enjoys sweets every once in a while… (No Photoshop, I can tell that)



„I glaub, morgen geh I in krankenstand, i kann nimma gehen!“ Aussage eines Athleten nach Donnerstag´s WOD388 Teil 1. Nein wirst Du nicht lieber … , stattdessen kommst Du morgen wieder zum Gameday. Den hast Du Dir nämlich verdient!!!

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