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25.07.2013 3D GYM MOD415


(I know the Thursday Wod is posted a little early but since I am busy here finding WLAN Spots I’d rather post it early than late. Will get up really early tomorrow at 5am and make the Road Trip to Irvine to have a Chance for a Spectators seat for the Swim Event.)

The whole LA Area is CrossFit, wherever you go Walmart, Starbucks, Gas Station, People Talk CrossFit.
Watched the Masters Divisions Push-Drag-Pull Event. Amazing Performances obeyed. The 40-49 Mens Division banged Out the 30 PullUps unbroken Butterfly Style After Pulling their 185lbs. Sled back and forth a Football Field buying in with 25 unbroken HSPUS. My Mouth was Even Opened up wider When all of a sudden a Lady stepped up the staircase right in my Direction When I offered her my Hand to Hold on to. A Guy followed and When I Looked up right into his Face I crumbled Hey Coach B. he gently patted my Shoulder and responded Thanks Hi! I was flashed what a gentle Guy Coach B is, knowing him as a merciless Drill Instructor… Thx Coach B. you made my Day. BTW he definitely Knows Now that there is CrossFit in Salzburg 😉


Trainer Warmup + that Guy’s in the Picture Warmup 😉

Skill: 3 Position Snatch 15 Min.
Competitors: work up to a Heavy Complex Full Snatch, No Drops at all!
Fitness: work up to a Heavy Complex Power Snatch, No Drops at all!


Amrap 10 Min.
5 T2B
10 Power Snatches 35/25kg

5 T2B Or Hanging Knee Raises
10 Power Snatches 25/17kg
20 DUBS Or 50 Singles

Score: Reps, 1 Round Totals 35 Reps.
If you find Out that you still Suck at DUBS I Hope there is an Open Spot left at Bekki’s DUBS Seminar for You!

Talk to you later, Andi from Carson Cal. Stubhub Center, Reebok CrossFit Games 2013.

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