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24.10.2013 3D GYM MOD388


THIS IS IT! Michael Jordan named „IT“ by winning the NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS with the Chicago Bulls. What is your „This Is It Moment“? Everyone of us has a different IT and only you choose what your IT is. Whether IT is winning Champions Day or simply getting in the shape of your life. All „IT“ do have the same in common. To get IT, you need to give IT all you´ve got! To keep you focused on your IT and pick up the Bar a second earlier and go unbroken on that last set of pull-ups, we created a Wristband. Here IT is. (for only € 3,90,-)

Proof-2IMPORTANT: Champions Day V Registration for CrossFit Salzburg Athletes is open now.

16 Spots available. If you want to compete sign up on the Gym Board now. We will then assign spots male, female,competition and fitness based on your Qualification Scores. Deadline Friday 8:30 pm. If you can´t make it to the Gym sign in by email.

All Competitors legible to compete in Champions Day V will be released Monday 28.10.2013 on this blog. Event 1 will be released Monday. Event 2 on Wednesday and Event 3 will be released right after Event2 on Champions Day. All these Events will Test your Fitness at its best. Can´t wait to kick it off. 

Trainer warmup 15 Min. ->Power Clean and Jerk

5 Min. Walk through Standards of Performance.

1. EMOM x 16
Even –  15 wallballs 9/6kg
Odd –   15 Box Jumps 60/50cm

Rest 4 minutes

2. EMOM x 16

Even- 10 Jerks 50/30kg//30/17kg

Odd-  10 Power Clean 50/30kg//30/17kg

Score: 400 Reps.




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