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24.05.2013 3D GYM MOD372



Ever wondered what it´s like competing in the Regionals (for one Wod at least ;)? Well here we go…

Gameday Warmup

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi. Warmup

Gameday Huddle feat. Black Pearl.


Regionals 2013 EVENT5

21-15-9 reps. for time of

Deadlifts 315lbs/205lbs. (142,5kg/93kg)

Box Jumps 30″/24″ (76cm/60cm)

Time Cap: 8 Min.

Scoring: The athlete’s score is his or her total time for completing the workout. If they do not finish the entire workout within the 8-minute time cap, the score is 8:00, plus a one-second penalty for each rep not completed and a one-rep penalty for not making it to the finishing mat.

Version II:

21-15-9 reps. for time of

Deadlifts 125/80kg

Box Jumps 30″/24″ (76cm/60cm)

Time Cap: 8 Min.

Version III:

21-15-9 reps. for time of

Deadlifts 100/60kg or scale as needed

Box Jumps 60/50cm

Time Cap: 8 Min.

You will have a judge for this WOD.

Pick a version you can master within the Timecap. Should be outside your comfort zone but still manageable. Time to beat: Austin Malleolo´s: 3:19min.

You might follow this depth chart; Reg.: DL 200+/140+, VII:DL 170+/120+ VIII:DL 140+/100+; Scale if you are below these strength levels.

I expect my shins to look something like this ; ))

Daniel Tyminsky, Outlaw CrossFit.

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