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24.03.2014 3D GYM MOD490



Thanks for giving us the chance to live our dream! We love You! Your Sons Andi & Clemens.

Clemens Diwald, HeadTrainer und Andreas Diwald, Owner & HeadCoach CrossFit Salzburg

Open: 4 down, only 1 to go. (Don´t forget to submit your Score)! – Finish Strong-, that´s what we teach all our athletes. So this is it. One more WOD and the Open 2014 are history. So set your personal goal for this years Open and focus laser sharp this week. When it´ll be go time for 14.5 it has to fell like „you caught lightning in a bottle“!!! Sign up for your heat. Same procedure as last week. Andi

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Core Strength: 4 Min.

4 Rounds of

20 sec. Chin Up hold
rest 10 sec.

20 sec. Hold a 20/15kg Plate over Head
rest 10 sec.

Then Station Work: (20 Min.)
2 Rounds of 1 Min work 30 sec. Rest at each Station.

– 20/10kg Dumbbell Burpee over Box 50cm. (unisono as a team)

– Pullups (Gymnastic Hook Grip obligatory!!!)

– Burpee on a Plate (20kg Plate)

– Farmers Walk 32/24kg

Score: Reps. (Coaches: Split Group into equal teams for each station, then rotate through stations until 2 Rounds complete.)

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