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24.02.2014 3D GYM MOD470


21 CFSBG Athlete´s already signed up for the Open 2014.

Congratulations, good looking number! We want as many CFSBG Athlete´s to compete. Why should I compete…? – Found 2 articles that express the benefits of competition not only for yourself but also to inspire others, which I want to share with you. (click on the underlined links.) 

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

then Open. Prep. Conditioning.

3 x 75 m „Suicide“ Shuttle Sprint. (5-10-15-15-Go) (10 Min.)

WOD: AMRAP 21 Min.

In teams of 2 with only 1 athlete working at a time:

5 Burpee Pull ups

10 1- arm alternating KB Snatches 32kg/24kg alternating// Tryouts KB Swings 16/12kg

12 Box Jumps 60/50cm

Score: Reps. Scale weights as needed

 “Fitness is not just in the gym. Fitness is outside of the gym. It’s life. Anytime you find yourself saying, ‘Damn it, I can’t do that,’ you have a hole in your fitness.” – Matt Chan

Watch video „Testing The Fittest“

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