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24.01.2013 3D GYM MOD291


Wholy S*#t we are coming closer to our 300th Workout. Can´t wait to post that ; )

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Burgener Warmup

Skill: 20 Min. work up to 3 heavy Power Snatches Touch and Go. (No Drops, control your load)


C2B PullUps
Power Snatches 50/32,5kg

Coaches Corner: Scale the C2B as needed, chin over bar, banded; weights @ trainer´s choice!
-no jumps we want everybody to hang on a bar!
Score: Time (Time Cap. 15 Min.)

Ca$hout: 100 Double Unders for Time

Next Rope Skipping Seminar Sat. 23.02.2013 Join it to learn Double Unders. Bekki will get you there! I promise!!! Sign up in the Gym on the Info Board!

Gym is closed this Saturday! We are heading to London for the London throwdown 2013! GO RUDI#77!


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