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22.08.2013 3D GYM MOD434


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are holding a “SWIM WOD” this Saturday 24th, 9am in Marzoll.

We will meet at the GYM 8:45h sharp and ride to Marzoll. (5 Min. Drive.) Instructor: Penny Kehoe, Professional Swim Coach and former Olympic Swimmer for Australia! That´s a once in a lifetime chance if you struggle with swimming. This session will take 45 Min. so we will be back at the Gym at 10 am. Sign up in the Gym. Feel free to join this session no matter what skill level you are, Beginner or Pro. Penny said:”lungs will burn the same…” Thanks Penny for holding this Swim WOD for us!

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill/Strength: HANG SQUAT CLEANS 20 Min.

Competition: 20 establish a 1RM Hang Squat Clean. As soon as you fail a weight once your trial is over. Go back to your last successful weight and confirm it once more. Rest as needed, work in teams.

Fitness: 5-5-5-3-3-3 Hang Clean 20 Min. build up to a heavy triple.Rest as needed, work in teams.



Amrap 6 Min.
4 Hang Cleans 70/50kg NO DROPS, place the Bar!!!
4 HSPU (reg. Standard)
Rest 4 Min.

Amrap 6 Min.

5 Deadlifts 120/80kg
10 Burpees
Score: Reps of each AMRAP


AMRAP 6 Min.

4 Hang Cleans 50/30kg
4 Clapping Pushups (most difficult progression)

Rest 4 Min.

Amrap 6 Min.

5 Deadlifts 80/50kg, scale weight as needed
10 Burpees
30 Dubs or 60 Singles

Score: Reps of each Amrap

You may only go Competition here if you are capable of rx´d movements (no scaling on HSPU or DUBS) and rx´d weights. If your strength numbers and skills are not there yet go fitness! Hit the fitness WOD hard, that´s the right way to gain the  required skills and strength for Competition class! Your day will come when you crush the fit class so we will advance you to Comp. anyways! Remember there are no shortcuts, hard work and consistency are your keys to success! Compete with yourself! Get stronger than yesterday! Thanks for your compliance. HC Andi

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