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21.10.2013 3D GYM MOD385


CHAMPIONS DAY V is only 2 weeks ahead of us. Affiliate Boxes if you haven´t registered your athletes yet we please you to do so until Deadline Wednesday 23.10.2013 8 pm. After that open spots will be referred upon request. We are looking forward to welcome you in our Box CrossFit Salzburg to crown the Champion of the Day.

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Skill: Handstand Hold/ Shoulder Tappings/Handstand Walk

Work 15 Min. on your Handstand Walk at your most difficult Progression, Hold-> Tapping-> Walk. Work in teams.

Walk through S.O.P. 10 Min.

„Tabata ´til you pass out…“

Tabata for max. Reps. Rest 1 Min between Stations

5 Stations (24 Min.)

– KB Snatches 24/16 even proportioned 5/5 l./r. // KB Swings 24/16

– Double Unders // Singles

– Overhead Walking Lunges 20/10kg Plate // 10/5kg

– Hollow Superman Transition

– Row for Cal.

Score: Reps. Competitors don´t ever let the Plate touch the ground on the Overhead Walk.

Flying Ollie on Jackie. Top Score by „Master“ Rudi Landertinger 6:04 Min.

Gregor made his bet on developing a 10 m Handstand Walk within 1 month. Well Done Greg and thanks Nasti for serving breakfast…

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