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21.08.2012 3D GYM MOD197


Trainer Warmup 10 Min

Skill: Frontsquat 3 sec. Pause @ Bottom 3-3-3-3-3 (25 Min.)

Amrap 10 min.
10 PullUps
15 WallBallshots 10/6kg
Score Rounds and Reps

Double Under certified by Bekki! Thanks to Bekki´s profound Coaching
every Participant got his Double Under!

25 Reasons US Dietary Guidelines (so are Europeans) are wrong!

Meat Lovers and Vegetarian Caveman

Our Masters performing @ high Intensity in their “21-15-9 SDLHP12kg  BumperJUMP15″ WOD”

Rosi,Danja,Margreth, Gerti;

…and they finished strong!

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