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21.03.2013 3D GYM MOD330


CrossFit Games Open 13.3 live announcement tonight 2 am.

Surprise Announced Now!

As I said earlier this week we do have a „Surprise Event“ for YOU!
CrossFit Salzburg and Reebok want to invite you to the closing 13.5 Open Wod Event.

April 5th 2013 Doors Open 4:30pm.
3 Heats @ 5pm,6pm and 7pm.
WOD: 13.5 for Competitors and a scaled 13.5 Version for our „Not Yet  Competitors“

We want everybody in to participate in this „Family Event“. Spectators are very welcome!

After the last 7 pm heat CrossFit Salzburg and Reebok invites you to the Open Closing Party and enjoy a BBQ and refreshments.

Please register in the Gym for your heat time and BBQ. Spectators are also invited to the BBQ and join the CrossFit Salzburg Community. MEAT & GRILL! Cheer on our Athletes! We want our Box packed that day so feel free to join. The BBQ is free! but please let us know if you will join so we can manage food! Deadline: March 30th, high noon. Email:

Non members, you are highly welcome to join our „Open Closing Event 13.5“. We do charge a € 10,- Drop In Fee as usual.

Thank You Reebok for being a great Partner in Sports. Reebok will give a 10%Discount on their CrossFit and Reebok One Collection this day and will sweepstake a pair of CrossFit Nanos among all Participants.

Now back to work 13.3 will be announced tonight.

Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Skill: „Kipping Floor Muscle Up.“ 15 Min. Momentum through your hips!

Competitors get of the floor and up on the Rings for Ring Muscle Ups after 5 Min of Warm up.


5 Rounds

1 Min ME Power Cleans 62,5/40kg

1 Min Rest

1 Min. ME DUBS, Yes again DUBS!

1 Min Rest

Score: Reps. Absolutely No Drops, Rest The Bar on Your Shoulders, Touch and Go. Keep the Bar off the ground for that Minute. Shoot for a 1:5 Ratio e.g. get 20 Power Cleans/min. shoot for 100 Dubs/min.!

Scaled: scale weight as needed.


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