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22. Januar 2014
by Andreas Diwald

23.01.2014 3D GYM MOD448

Trainer Warmup 10 Min.! Skill: Oly Complex: BOL WOD 2: Squat Clean-Hang Squat Clean-Front Squat-Jerk Competition: 10 Min to Work up to a heavy weight. Excellent Mechanics. Cannot drop the Bar. Fitness: 10 Min. to work up to a moderate … Weiterlesen

21. Januar 2014
by Andreas Diwald

22.01.2014 3D GYM MOD447

ANNOUNCEMENT: 30 DAYS PALEO CHALLENGE VI “ALL YOU NEED IS LESS” Registration Open. Sign up on the GYM Board. Friday 31.01.2014 18:30h Sharp! Paleo Seminar (45min.) -Priciples of Paleo -3 Food Divisions -Goalsetting +  Mindset -Scoreboard followed by measurements of … Weiterlesen

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