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20.10.2014 3D GYM MOD633


Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Core Strength: (4 Min.)

4 Rounds

20 sec. L-Sit

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Superman

10 sec. Rest

Competition Muscle Up to L-Sit.



In teams of 2

only one athlete works at a time 

As far as you get in 22 Min.


1-Arm KB Clean and Jerk 32/24kg//24/16kg (may use KB aswell)

Box Jumps 60/50cm


1-Arm KB Snatch 32/24//24/16kg, alternate every 5 Reps.

TTB/Hanging Knee Raise

If you are still in the race

AMRAP HSPU/HR Push Ups with the remaining time.

Score: Reps.


Have you update the latest version of IPad software. It´s got a time lapse camera.

We found a way to use it properly.

Think of 100 Burpees. OK, No big Deal for CrossFitters.

Now think of 100 Rounds of 1 Strict HSPU, 2 SQUAT CLEANS at 135lbs and 3 BURPEES. (Thank You Coach Bergeron)

Yes, now you need a time lapse camera… here we go!

Tom and Petzi did it.

and here it comes

Fabi took on the Iron Triathlon. (2h28min12sec.)

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