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20.09.2013 3D GYM MOD365



Gameday Warmup

Walk through S.O.P.

Indi Warmup 10 Min.


NS 13.3

Within 5 minutes:
12 ”Lagom” Swings (32/24kg)
12 Burpee-Box jumps over box (60/45cm)
10 ”Lagom” Swings (32/24kg)
10 Burpee-Box jumps over box (60/45cm)
8 ”Lagom” Swings (32/24kg)
8 Burpee-Box jumps over box (60/45cm)
AMRAP – Thrusters (30/20kg)

(Masters use the same weights and heights)

After 3,2,1-Go, you begin by doing 12 swings, then 12 burpee-box jumps over the box, then 10 Swings, 10 BBJ, 8 Swings, 8 BBJ. When that is done you can begin doing thrusters. Your task is to complete as many thrusters as possible up until the 5 minute mark. Score is total reps, no matter if you get time for thrusters or not. No sloppy reps! Dig deep.

Movement standards

“Lagom” Swings: In the bottom position, the kettlebell is between and behind the legs. In the top position, you have fully extended knees and hips. Your shoulders are above or behind the hips, seen from the side. The kettlebell is completely over The Height of your head. That means that if you are 180 centimeters tall, the whole bell needs to be above that height (as far away from you as you choose, but above a horizontal line, drawn from the top of your head).

Burpee-Box Jump over box: The bottom position is where you have the chest in contact with the ground (the chest is defined as the sternum and above) and the body facing the box, Perpendicular to it. To get up on the box, you have to make a jump with both feet leaving the ground at the same time. Both feet must make contact with the top of the box before you get off it again, which can be done anyway you want to.

Thruster: The bar starts on the ground. The bottom position is achieved when you reach a sitting depth with the crease of the hip below the top of the knee, and the bar under your chin (if you have normal human mobility and are interested in not frying your upper body muscles, the bar will be in contact with the front of the shoulders). The top position is achieved when you reach fully extended knees, hips and elbows, with parallel feet and the bar is centered above the middle of the feet, seen from the side. No sloppy reps. Lock it out every time.

Background and explanation
This workout should not give either big or small athletes an advantage. The aim of this workout is to challenge and test your ability to maintain a high power output up to and beyond any usual limit. Most of all, this should test your mental toughness. The aim for this workout is to be short, brutal and intense.
This is attempted via the following recipe: A short time limit within which you switch between two exercises at a high pace (both requiring speed and/or power). They are performed in rep ranges that lets you keep up a high speed. It ends with a lightly loaded movement that is known for it’s ability to produce power, with which you are left to completely go all out. It will hopefully allow for continuous movement and complete overall exhaustion.
We hope that you have your mental game dialed in for this one. It will push you beyond your limits if you are willing to go there. This is the last workout of the three weeks. Give it all you’ve got!


Thanks Walli for sharing. Keep em shockers coming please. mail to:


„IF I PASS OUT, PLEASE NOTE MY REPS.“ Thanks Rudi for sharing! Fits NS 13.3 perfectly. Yes your judge will note your Reps!

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