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20.06.2014 3D GYM MOD549



Today´s GAMEDAY WOD will not be announced in advance. You will be introduced right after Warmup. All I can tell for now: it is tough enough for a „Marine“ and scalable for the „Queen“. See U in the Gym. Andi

Gameday Warmup


Walk Through S.O.P.

Indi Warm Up

Gameday Huddle feat. „The Black Pearl“



Score: Time


Alexander Schlager

Alex Schlager (RED BULL JUNIORS) transfered to RB LEIPZIG. Picture Courtesy A. Schlager

Alex Schlager (RED BULL JUNIORS) transfered to RB LEIPZIG. Picture Courtesy A. Schlager

Geburtsdatum: 01.02.1996
Alter: 18
Nationalität: Österreich  Österreich
Größe: 1,84 m
Im Team seit: 01.07.2013
Vertrag bis: 30.06.2016
Aktueller Verein: FC Liefering
Position: Torwart
Spielerberater: MaWa Consult
Aktueller  Nationalspieler: Österreich  Österreich U18

Alex is taking the next step in his Professional Career heading to RB LEIPZIG. Wishing you all the best. We will miss You at CFSBG.

I am pretty sure we will see you on the screen soon as a valuable Goalkeeper for a major German Team. I wish more Soccer Players would have a mindset like Yours. One Day Alex called me late nights and said he couldn´t make the class today because of Individual „Goalie“ Practise, but he needs a WOD immediately. I said OK, do 13.1 (7 Min. Amrap of Burpees) and asked him to let me know about his score. 7 Min. Minutes later my phone rang and Alex puffed and blowed in the phone. one >>>hzundretfourzzzreen.<<< I said what? Who is there? He again replied >>>onehundretfoutrzeeenhnn.<<< Oh Alex, Hi, catch your breath. When he finally gathered his breath, he said: >>>One Hundred Fourteen<<< is my score, See you tomorrow in the gym and hung up… Now, that´s what I am talking about. He is a guy who is willing to walk the extra mile, whatever it takes. If I had a club I would want you to be the Goalkeeper. Again all the best Alex, whenever you are in town jump in for a WOD! We are proud of You! Your CrossFit Salzburg Family!


Remember last weeks Quote of the Week? >>>If you hit the ground, Hit it hard!!<<<

Well here is the result. Well done Steffi. (Steffi after Mondays Buddy Carry WOD…)

Bis zum Heiraten is wieder guad...

Bis zum Heiraten is wieder guad…












Thomas Müller im Interview nach dem verwandelten Elfmeter gegen Portugal.

>>> Ich bin nicht der Typ, der in so einer Situation Angst bekommt…<<< Thomas Müller, Nationalspieler GER.



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