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19.08.2013 3D GYM MOD431


Trainer Warmup 10 Min.

Individual Warmup 10 Min KB Swings/Pullups

„Capacity Test“

3 Rounds of

500m Row
7 Pullups
10 KB Swings 24/16kg
7 Pullups
10 KB Swings 24/16kg
7 Pullups

Full Recovery 7 Minutes after each Round

Score: Time of each Round, Time Cap 5 Min.

This is another capacity test like Fran, Diane, Elizabeth, Grace or Isabell.

For everyone new to CrossFit this is a good one learning to pace yourself. Your Goal is making the TimeCap on each round.(If this is your first WOD ever „Tryouts“ you made the jackpot, you got a chance to test your fitness right away and if you stay with us for some time you will notice immediate improvements due to CrossFit) For all you CrossFit Ninjas out there I expect you to throw up on this, go all out on each Round, you´ll get full recovery after each round. The Goal is to maintain intensity throughout all 3 Rounds. Shoot for no more than 5 seconds deficit on each Round! Can´t wait to kick this one off, See you in the gym… Andi

Tobi, Sabine´s & Flo´s Son at age of 13 months, preparing for the CF GAMES 2033. If you want to be a top performer in sports you can´t start early enough. Your Genes, Our Coaching and Consistency in Hard Work, who knows… (Tanks Flo for the Pic.!) Strampler click here


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