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18.09.2014 3D GYM MOD611


Trainer Warm Up 10 Min.

Skill: Power Snatch and Power Clean. (10 Min)

10 Min to Warm Up and determine your weight of Power Snatch and Power Clean for the WOD. You should have a chance to go unbroken at least for the first set of 21… Don´t make it too easy. Weight should be high challenging, though.

WOD (25 Min.)

“Barbell Duathlon”


Power Snatch RX:42,5/30/30/20kg

Run 200m



Power Clean RX: 61/42,5/42,5/30kg

Run 200m

Score: Time or Reps. Scale weights as needed. Time Cap: 25 Min.

Everytime you break a set of Reps. Run a 200m penalty lap. immediately. e.g.: you break after 18 Reps. of Power Snatches, run 200 then complete 3 more for 21 total reps. then Run 200m and start the next set of 15 unbroken Snatches. If you break the set of 15 Reps. go for a 200m penalty lap… If you don´t like running too much simply go unbroken!

(Picture courtesy: Instagramm Carl Paoli)

(Picture courtesy: Instagramm Carl Paoli)

that is the CrossFit Way…Lead by example!

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