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17.07.2014 3D GYM MOD567


ANNOUNCING: Champions Day VII Heat List 


CDVII Athletes by Category

If you are registered for CD VII and do not find your name on the „Heat List“ please contact us immediately.

We are looking forward meeting all of you safe and sound at CrossFit Salzburg saturday morning.

We might run out of parking space pretty quick so you might consider using the Parking Lot (Tiefgarage) at „Spar“ right next to our Gym.

Athletes, Judges and Volunteers Check In Saturday 8am- 8:30am.

Thanks again to all our Volunteers, we could´t run this Event without you and of course to all participating athletes. 

See You Saturdays! 

Team CrossFit Salzburg

Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Skill: 3 TNG Power Clean (15 Min.)

Competition/Fitness: Warm Up to a heavy 3 RM TNG Power Clean (or Power Clean+ Front Squat). This is not a 3RM Test. Choose a weight you can control and move with excellent technique. Work In Teams, Cannot Drop The Bar!

3-3-3-3 TNG Power Clean

After each Round do 1 Bar or Ring Muscle Up only (save your Grip for CDVII). If you do not have Muscle Ups in your Wheelhouse yet, go for 5-10 Ring Dips at most difficult progression, strict-kipping-banded.

WOD (15 Min.)

„MIND ERASER“ For Timed Rounds, 5 Rounds Of:

Every 3 Minutes

7 Power Cleans 60/40kg//50/30kg

7 Burpees over the Bar

Sprint 200m

Each Round is an All Out Sprint! This is a test of your work capacity, thus your ability to recover quickly. Picture perfect: Round 1 is identical to Round 5… Won´t happen if you Go All Out in each Round. Try to loose no more than 5 seconds from Round to Round!

Scale weights as needed! Choose a weight you can move unbroken throughout the whole WOD. Absolutely No Drops, Control Your weight Up and Down! If You Drop The Bar It Is Simply Too Heavy!

Score:  Time of each Round

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