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17.06.2013 3D GYM MOD387



Champions Day IV, CrossFit Salzburg, Athletes and Volunteers.


Men Champions:

1. Tschandl Florian (CrossFit ACE)

2. Reichenberger Korbinian (CrossFit Rosenheim)

3. Herbst Gregor (CrossFit Salzburg)

Ladies Champions:

1. Schröcker Chrissy

Men Fitness:

1. Jahn Daniel (no affiliate)

2. Arya Ray (CrossFit ACE)

3. Reis Bernd (CrossFit Wiener Neustadt) 

Ladies Fitness:

1. Charlotte Sandgaard (CrossFit Salzburg)

2. Bartl Bianca (CrossFit Wiener Neustadt)

3. Elsigan Nicole (CrossFit ACE)

Men Masters (50+):

1. Mayr Reinhard (CrossFit Salzburg)

2. Griesser Hermann (CrossFit Salzburg)

Ladies Masters (50+)

1. Reiter Irmgard

Award Winners:

„Spirit of the Day“ Dennis Weyland (CrossFit Salzburg)

„Rookie of the Day“ Pyerin Oliver (CrossFit Salzburg)

Thanks again to 56 Athletes and all our volunteers  for making CD IV an awesome Event. Lisa, Nasti (Scoring), Moni, Michi, Bekks, Anita, Theresa, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Reini, John (Judging) Hannes (Grillmaster) Alex (Foto), Doris(Video) Clemens (Event Executive Supervisor). (Hope I did not forget to mention anyone this time ; )

You will find pics of this event on Facebook 3D-Gym- CrossFit Salzburg. Thanks Alex!

Video is in process. Please come back or sign up for our newsletter to watch the video.

Now let´s get back to work, after CD IV is before CD V…

Trainer warmup 10 Min.

Skill: WallBalls 2-fer-1: 5-5-5. Work up to the heaviest ball possible. (5 Min.)

then Rob Martin´s

5 Rounds of

In 4 Minutes

400 m Run (we change, direction short to long)

30 Box Jumps 50 cm both Male/Female

Amrap WallBalls 20/14lbs

Rest 2 Min after each Round

Score: WallBalls of each Round.


Irmgard and Dennis, celebrated their birthday competing in Champions Day IV. No birthday party in this world can come up with happier faces than this.

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