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17.04.2014 3D GYM MOD508


„2 Years Anniversary CHAMPIONS DAY VII“ Registration is open. (Deadline Thursday 24.04.2014 20:00h)

If you sign up as a competitor you automatically get a BBQ Ticket. If you need additional BBQ Tickets for your friends and family, please sign them up so our pitmaster knows how much meat to throw on the grill… Thanks.

Category Benchmarks:

Male Competition: Double Unders, Clean&Jerk 60+kg, Deadlift 120+kg, C2B, Muscle Ups (Ring and Bar).

Female Competition: Double Unders, Clean&Jerk 40+kg, Deadlift 70+kg, Pull Ups.

Male Fitness: Single Unders, Clean&Jerk40kg, Deadlift 80+kg, Pull Ups.

Female Fitness/Masters: Single Unders, Clean and Jerk 25kg, Deadlift 50+kg, Jumping Pull Ups.

We still expect you to be aware of fundamental movements standards like Burpees, Box jumps, TTB, KB Swings etc.

We want everybody to be part of CDVII. Don´t be afraid to compete! Nervous about competing, Hell Yeahh! Enjoy being part of a very exclusive community and celebrate the Sport of Fitness together on a special day with friends, great WODs and a delicious BBQ when work is done.

If you do not want to compete but would like to support us on Champ Day please sign up on the Gym Board as Staff. Thanks!

Can´t wait to throw this one down for You.

Your CFSBG Coaches!

Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Skill: Clean Complex PowerClean+Squat Clean. (15 Min.)

Competition: Work up to a heavy complex then Emom 7 Min. 1 Power Clean+1Squat Clean at 70-80%1RM

Fitness: Work up to a heavy complex then Emom 7 Min. 1 Power Clean+1Squat Clean @ solid form.

WOD Champ Day VII Prep.


5 Rounds for time:

9 Power Cleans 70/50kg
15 HR Push Ups.

Score: Time. Time Cap.: 15 Min. Cannot Drop the Bar!


5 Rounds for time:

9 Power Cleans 50/30kg
15 HR PushUps/HR Lady Push Ups

Score: Time. Time Cap.: 15 Min. Scale weights as needed.


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