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17.03.2014 3D GYM MOD485


14.3 is in the books. Congratulations, Great Scores all over on 14.3. After 3 Open Wods you kinf of found your place on the leaderboard. Now set yourself a goal where you want to finish. Top 10% in Europe. Top 10 in Austria. Whatever you come up with, focus sharp and give it all you got.

Please, Don´t forget to submit your scores, I am missing 9 scores. Deadline Monday 5pm (pacific time). 

… after 14.3 is before 14.4. Sign up for your heat in the Gym. We´ll be running  14.4 in 2 heats on Friday 17:00h-18:00h and Saturday 9:00h-10:00h and 11:00h-12:00h.

Thanks Wilson for being a great host at Berghotel Rehlegg, CrossFit Salzburg Breakfast. We had a great time! Hope we may come back soon. Loving the “WILSON OMELETT”!!!


Trainer Warmup 15 Min.

Walk through S.O.P.

Open Prep. Conditioning.

In teams of 3 or 4.

“Deck of Cards”
Flip over playing cards one at a time.  
The suit represents the movement.Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Sit ups
Spades = KBS 24/16kg
Clubs = Air Squats

Joker = 20 Pullups 
The number on the card represents the number of reps. 
All face cards are 10 reps. 
Aces are 20 reps.
Partner up in teams of 3 or 4 athletes of the same strength level. Then Start the WOD. Each athlete will tap the screen once as soon as all members finished the task.
Score: Time. Time Cap.:35 Min.
Please download “WOD Deck Of Cards” (free on app store, >nur I Phone<) and bring your electronic device (Smart Phone, iPad..). You will need one in each team.

Congratulations to our Handstand Certified Athletes.

Handstand Cert. at CFSBG by Coach "BEKKI"

Handstand Cert. at CFSBG by Coach “BEKKI”

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