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15.09.2014 3D GYM MOD608



Dear Finalists of the Austrian Champions Day 2014,
within 4 weeks the Austrian Champions Day 2014 will be kicked off. 
In order to give you an overview about procedures and general information of the event you are forwarded the ACD 2014 Guide with the following content:

1. Our Mission
2. Venue Information
3. Accomodation
4. Food & Shopping
5. General Rules and Information

6. Registration
7. Schedule
8. Scoring and Qualifying
9. Event (Workout) Preparations

10.Score/Judge DisputesEvents 

11. Events

Please read carefully.
The Guide is also available for download at
Looking forward meeting all you great athletes in the arena soon.
Andi Diwald, ACD2014 Director.
If you have already registered you don´t have to read the information below.
In case you are qualified but haven´t registered yet this is a friendly reminder that registration will close October 1st. 18:00h (CEST).
If you choose not participate please let us know by replying to this email as we will offer your slot to the next person in the ranking.
Please email to:

Trainer warm Up 15 Min.

Core Strength: (6 Min.)

6 Rounds of

20 sec. L-Sit (Muscle Up to L-Sit)

10 sec. Rest

20 sec. Superman

10 sec. Rest


In teams of 2:

AMRAP 25 Min.

20 Overhead Plate Lunges alt. 20/15//15/10kg

10 TTB

200m Run

Score: Rounds and Reps.

Athlete A does 20 Lunges then Athlete B completes 10 TTB, Athlete A runs 200m then Athlete B does 20 Lunges, A 10 TTB, B 200m Run… Amrap 20 Min.

CrossFit Salzburg Weekend Warriors:



Ergebnisse Salzburger Business Lauf

Winner´s Podium Businees Lauf 2014.

Winner´s Podium Business Lauf 2014.

Laura F. (4:30.31)und Lisa L. (5:07.29)

completing the „WACHAU MARATHON 2014“.

Congratulations Girls!

Laura und Lisa in action.

Laura und Lisa in action.


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