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15.07.2014 3D GYM MOD565


Trainer Warm Up 15 Min.

Skill: „BEAR COMPLEX“ (17 Min.)

Competition/Fitness: Warm Up to a heavy Complex. Then EMOM for 7 Min. 1 Bear Complex. @ approx. 70% 1 RM. The goal of this session is to move efficiently not setting a PR! Work in teams! Cannot Drop The Bar!!!

WOD (13 Min.)

A: For Time (Time Cap: 6 Min.)


Deadlift 125/80kg//100/50kg

Box Jump 30/24″//24/20″

Score: Time or Reps. (If you finish early you get more rest…)

Rest 1 Min.

B: Amrap 6 Min.

WallBalls 10/6kg//6/4kg, to 3,05m target.

EMOM 10 Abmat Situps.

Score: Reps of WallBalls.

Coaches: If class is packed, divide groups for A and B. Group A starts WOD A, while Group B starts WOD B. then switch.




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